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Window Tape | Warranty

Window Tape


Arndt & Herman Building Products will replace to the original point of purchase any material found to have manufacturing defects that cause leaks for a period of five years from date of purchase. Arndt & Herman Building Products will not be liable for any other claims or damages, whether direct or indirect, including consequential damages or incidental damages. The Arndt & Herman Building Products warranty for construction tapes is backed by Polyguard Products, Inc., PO Box 755 , Ennis , TX 75120

Material Safety Data:

All Material Safety Data Sheets and precautionary labels should be read and understood by all user supervisory person-nel and employees before using. Consult Arndt & Herman Building Products Material Safety Data Sheets and OSHA regulations for additional safety and health information for the products described herein. Purchaser is responsible for com-plying with all applicable federal, state or local laws and regulations covering use of the product including waste disposal.

This is not a Material Safety Data Sheet and is not to be used as such. Arndt & Herman Building Products has prepared separate Material Safety Data Sheets for this product and can be found at