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Window Tape | Product Info

Window Tape

Product Information

Physical Properties Arndt & Herman WindowSeal™
Thickness (mils)


Water vapor transmission ASTM E 96 (Method B) Permeance (U.S. Perms) <.02
Peel adhesion ASTM D 1000 (To primed steel) >5.0 lbs./in. width
Elongation-ultimate failure of rubberized asphalt ASTM D 412 (Modified Die C) >500%
Low temperature pliability ASTM D 146 (Modified) No cracking at -25º. F.


Clean and dry inside storage is preferable. If you will be installing the material in cooler weather, store the material inside at room temperature for 24 hours prior to installation. Keeping the roll warm will improve the adhesiveness of the material when
you install it.


Installed materials should be checked before final siding application for disbondment of edges. Repair as necessary using procedures shown in this specification.

Technical Service:

Available through local distributors and dealers or call Arndt & Herman Building Products. 1-866-204-3139


Do not apply this material to flexible vinyl surfaces. Plasticizers used in flexible vinyls are often incompatible with rubberized asphalt adhesives.

At cold temperatures, 45º F or lower, this material will lose a portion of its adhesiveness. Test for adhesion at the start of the job to see if there is sufficient adhesion. If not, follow instructions under storage, and wait until warmer temperatures. Use of a heat gun or liquid adhesive, can also improve adhesion at lower temperatures.

This material may also be mechanically fastened using nails, screws, or staples if conditions make adhesion difficult.

Do not expose material to sunlight for over 60 days.

Do not use on roof surfaces, or anywhere that this material might be walked on. The material has a slippery surface.