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Window Tape | Installation Instructions

Window Tape

Installation Instructions

Installation Sequence:

1. Install flashing tape across sill plate rough opening (See Figure 1)
2. Set window unit into rough opening (See Figure 2)
3. Adhere vertical strips of flashing tape to flanges and sheathing (See Figure 2)
4. Adhere horizontal strip of flashing tape to head flange and sheathing (See Figure 2)
5. Roll all tape surfaces with a hand held roller
Installation Procedure:
1. Make sure the surface is clean, dust free, smooth, and dry. Wet or damp surfaces are the leading cause for poor adhesion. (Note: do not apply over silicone caulk or other solvent-based products).
2. Cut the length you want to use from the roll with utility knife or scissors.
3. Remove 12" or more of the release film and center the tape over the area to be sealed.
4. Firmly press or roll the tape to the area being sealed. As you go along, pull more of the release film from the tape, exposing the adhesive surface, pressing down the tape and keeping the tape smooth. When through with the strip, roll it into place.
Download the installation guide for Window Tape.
Window Tape Installation Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2