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Jamsill Guard | Installation Instructions

Jamsill Guard

Installation Instructions

Install lower course of housewrap. Place left and right corners tight against framing. Measure center section and cut if necessary maintaining 1-1/2" overlap at glue joints. Center section must fit within recessed areas of corner pieces. Jamsill Installation 1 Jamsill Installation 2
Apply PVC cement to the recessed areas of the corner pieces and the underside of the center section where it overlaps the recessed areas. Hold or clamp pieces together long enough to
ensure a complete bond.
Jamsill Installation 3
Remove pan and apply caulking where the pan will contact the framing. Set pan in caulking. Jamsill Installation 4
Apply caulking to interior edge of pan to seal window frame/door sill to pan. Apply caulking to glue joints for added protection. Adhere flexible flashing to sides of opening, wrapping around from sheathing to studs and shingle over and into the sill pan. Jamsill Installation 5
Install door or window. Do not block sloped weep areas. Jamsill Installation 6 Jamsill Installation 7