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Craftsman Columns | Installation Guides

Craftsman Columns

Installation Guides

Temperature-Related Issues:
PVC columns become more brittle in colder temperatures. When the columns become more brittle, they are more susceptible to damage. It is recommended that the columns themselves be warmed to 50° to 55° before installing. This can be accomplished by moving the columns into a heated space and allowing adequate time for the temperature of the columns to warm up. The outdoor ambient temperature can be considerably colder than 50°, but if the columns themselves can be warmed up, they can then be installed with reduced risk of damaging them in the process. If you are unable to warm the columns before installation, you should first drill pilot holes before screwing or nailing them together. Be careful when nailing the columns and try to avoid striking the column faces with a hammer.
Cutting and Fastening:
Cellular PVC can be cut easily with conventional carpentry and woodworking tools. Pneumatic finish nailers and staplers can be used to fasten cellular PVC parts together. Large pneumatic framing staplers and nailers are not suitable for fastening this material as the percussion of the drivers can fracture the PVC material. Coarse thread, galvanized or stainless steel drywall screws also are suitable for fastening cellular PVC parts together. It is suggested that pilot holes be used for screws longer than 1-5/8".
Painting and Finishing:
Caulk where required using Siroflex brand sealant and adhesive provided in the kit. Putty any holes using acrylic putty or caulk. Lightly sand or scuff surface of column. Clean surface of column to remove any dirt or hand oil residue with light detergent and water, denatured alcohol, or window cleaner. Be sure to remove soap residue with clean water. Apply one coat of 100% acrylic exterior primer and one or more finish coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint.