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Fiberglass Columns

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Fiberglass Columns

Select from one of these three styles:
Round tapered fiberglass columns, composite round tapered columns, fiberglass columns round tapered, round tapered columns, buy round tapered columns Non tapered round fiberglass columns, composite round non tapered columns, columns round non tapered, buy fiberglass columns round non tapered Square non tapered columns, squared non tapered fiberglass columns, non tapered square columns, buy square fiberglass columns non tapered

Round Tapered Columns

Round Non-Tapered Columns

Square Non-Tapered Columns

Arndt & Herman fiberglass columns have redefined the standards for versatility, style, and freedom from maintenance for residential and commercial column installations. They offer the traditional aesthetics of architecturally proportioned columns with the non-traditional benefits of the most advanced construction materials in the world today. Fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) and filament-wound fiberglass (FWF). Pound for pound these materials are stronger than concrete or aluminium. Fiberglass FRP columns are available in fluted and
unfluted round
, tapered shafts in sizes ranging from 6" x 6' to 24" x 20'; in round, non- tapered shafts from 8" to 8' to 14" x 14'; and in square, non-tapered shafts from 8" x 8' to 12" x 16'. Because they are rotocast from a single piece of FRP, they provide the enduring feel of classic, artisan-crafted stone in a one-piece, easy-to-install column.

Advanced Materials

Fiberglass FRP Columns and Classic-Wound™ FWF Columns offer exceptionally low maintenance, the look and feel of natural stone, and a range of applications unequalled by conventional

wood columns

. They are non-porous columns,

waterproof columns

, and impervious to termite and carpenter ant attacks as well as to staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments that are so hard on wood have no effect on these columns; they are rot-proof because they absorb virtually no moisture. In fact, temperature extremes and thermal cycling have very little effect on FRP and FWF.

Even though their shafts are hollow, fiberglass columns and Classic-Wound columns offer substantial resistance to deformation. Structurally, they are among the most versatile vertical supports available. Their hollow centers make them useful as a channel for downspouts, wiring and plumbing – practices never recommended with wood columns.

These durable products are offered with architecturally correct tapers featuring eye- appealing entasis. Fiberglass columns also are available in popular non-tapered shafts and feature concise edges and meticulous detail on every visible surface. Fiberglass Columns and Classic-Wound columns are shipped unfinished and Arndt & Herman recommends finishing with acrylic latex paint.

Load Bearing Columns

Weights shown in Load Bearing Capacity tables are for concentric applications, meaning the weight is centered evenly over the diameter of the column through the use of a bearing plate. Eccentric or off-centered loads must have the beam resting on both walls of the column with an offset no greater than the specified values found in ICC-ES Legacy Report 22-26.

Flame Spread and Smoke Index

All rotocast Arndt & Herman Fiberglass columns are specially manufactured columns so each column passes the ASTM 84-01, "Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials" (NFPA 255, ANSI/UL 723 and UBC 8-1). Having a Flame Spread Index (FSI) of 15 puts our columns in a Class I Flame-Spread classification under the 1997 uniform fire code. Our columns have a Smoke Developed Index (SDI) of 335 which is well below the allowable SDI Index of 450. As more and more columns are being used on interior applications, meeting the Interior Use Fire Code becomes very important. For more detailed information, please refer to ICC-ES Legacy Report 22-26.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Arndt & Herman is so confident in its manufacturing processes for fiberglass columns and Classic-Wound columns that it offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. Arndt & Herman warrants that fiberglass and Classic-Wound columns will be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the structure to which they are attached. See warranty for details.